Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Knitting Group

When you work from home, you look for any way to find people to interact with. Upon moving here, I discovered Meetup.com, where you can find local groups that share the same interests. I joined the Henderson/Las Vegas Wine Meetup Group, which has been an awesome resource for meeting new people, taking part in fun social events, and discovering some great new wines. I even became an assistant organizer of the group, though social planning is not on my list of talents.

I've been waiting for a local knitting group to start on Meetup, but finally I discovered one on Yahoo! Groups. They meet once a month on the west side of town and once a month on the east side of town. Last night I went to the east side gathering, which is at a coffee house. I met six other women, each of whom knew a heck of a lot more about knitting than me. It was great getting to know six other people in town that share an interest with me. They told me about some yarn stores in the area and some good websites to use for getting patterns and ideas. I'm glad to find some other people in town who knit because now I have a resource when I have questions or when I just don't want to knit alone!

This is a baby blanket that I made for my friend Camille. Her nursery is pink and brown, so this blanket matches perfectly. It looks complicated, but it is really easy to make. I'm working on a second one now for another friend.

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