Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Trip to NC

With me having to travel to the east coast anyways for the conference in DC, I thought it would be a good opportunity to swing by NC. The great thing about having to travel to NC for work is that I get to see my girlfriends from college while I'm in town. I had a wonderful visit catching up with co-workers and friends. I stayed with Stephanie, my sorority sister and French class buddy. We had so much fun together. On Friday, we went to B-Risque, a new women's fitness facility that has sexy dance classes. We took the "floor and chair" class, but I really wanted to take the pole class! Afterwards we had awesome sushi at Shabashabu and rented a funny French movie (D├ęcalage Horaire).

On Saturday, we went to the flea market at the fairgrounds in Raleigh. This was a really great flea market, and I can't believe I hadn't taken advantage of it sooner. Then we had lunch at Brixx with Lorin, another sorority sister, and her husband and daughter. After a long nap that afternoon, I was rested up to hit the town with the girls. We went to two bars in Raleigh, and they really made me appreciate the Las Vegas nightlife. At White Collar Crime, the women's bathroom was flooded - you would never see that in a club in LV. And since when is breakdancing back in style? People were spinning around on their heads, so there was little room to dance. At Bogart's, there was a crappy frat house band that was just screaming their songs. Again, entertainment in LV is much more talented. Oh well, I still had fun with the girls.

On Sunday, we took a long walk with Stephanie's sweet Boxer, Kona. Then we went up to UNC's campus. I walked around taking pictures for quite some time while Stephanie got in a run. Afterward, I met Jamie at Ham's, my favorite restaurant in town. Mmm, their chips are so good!

Here are some of my favorite landmarks on UNC's campus...

Bell tower:
Old well: Columns at Wilson library: University seal on the main quad:

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