Saturday, June 23, 2007

Griffith Peak

The Las Vegas Hiking Meetup Group ventured up Griffith Peak, the 3rd highest mountain in southern Nevada. It is 11,056 feet above sea level, and we took the South Loop trail, making for a ten mile hike with about 3400 feet elevation gain. The trail was well-worn and shaded nearly the whole way. The incline was gradual, so while strenuous, it wasn't overwhelming. The seven of us stayed close to each other throughout the hike, stopping often to allow everyone to catch up, and conversation flowed regularly throughout the hike.

Here I am pointing to our destination. We were about two-thirds the way up the mountain at this point.

Here, our group begins the final ascent. This was definitely the most difficult part of the hike. Notice Yan in this picture - yes, he is carrying hand weights. He likes to give his upper body a workout on the hikes too!Here I am at the top of Griffith, with Mummy Mountain in the background.
Our group shot - seven people and one very sweet chocolate lab.
Here is my entry in the register. My first summit!
The view of Las Vegas from the summit.
The hike down was leisurely. Much of it looked like this, meandering through very tall pines.
We got to a meadowy section about a mile from the bottom, and I fell behind the group to take pictures of the wild flowers.
About a quarter mile from the bottom, the group that had hiked Mt. Charleston caught up with us. Here is both groups at the trail head. Round trip, it was about an 8 hour hike in beautiful weather. The entire hike was very scenic with a fabulous view from the top. I will definitely do this hike again in the future.
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