Saturday, September 1, 2007

Gold Strike Hot Springs

Rick, his girlfriend Loren, and I went to Gold Strike Hot Springs for a day of scrambling. I had done this hike with Joe in January, and it was quite the challenge. It follows a creek down to the Colorado River, and much of the hike involves climbing over boulders using ropes. This time, the hike was much easier for me, I assume because I am in better shape and because I have a lot more experience scrambling now.

Within minutes, I had already injured myself. The rocks in this area are very sharp. I lost my balance while standing on a rock about 6 inches off the ground, and it cut my hand when I braced myself falling. This is not a good sign considering the boulders that I would be climbing down later in the hike are 10+ feet off the ground!
A sweet little frog that posed for me.
The creek, close to where it meets the Colorado River.
The Colorado River as seen from the trail.
Me standing under a very wimpy waterfall.
Me using a rope to climb up a boulder.

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you're so cute!