Saturday, February 23, 2008

Magic Mountain

Branch Whitney, of Hiking Las Vegas fame, has been organizing some challenging hikes for the Meetup group with lots of scrambling and exposure (my two favorite things). I've been aching to do one of his hikes because he always limits them to 12 or so people, but I've been too busy with guests and travel. I finally got to go with his group on the hike up Magic Mountain, the mountain on the right in the picture below. It was a challenging hike with some great chimneys to wiggle up.

There was a saddle near the top that opened into a breathtaking view of Pine Creek Canyon. Bridge Mountain is above me in the picture below.
I wanted to say that I summitted Magic Mountain, so I climbed up this massive boulder at the top.
Unfortunately, I then had to climb down it. It's always more difficult going down. There were no handholds, so Eric got out a rope while Doug tied it around his waist and supported me going down. It helps to hike with capable strong guys.

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Sarah said...

Show that tar heel pride! glad to see you think of us :) love you-sarahj(m)