Sunday, February 3, 2008

RTI Las Vegas

Two co-workers from North Carolina and a client came to town to conduct cognitive interviews with patients. There is a facility near my house here, which provides the perfect excuse for my co-workers to visit. They stayed at South Point, which is just down the road from me. We ate at the Garden Buffet at South Point (I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, I much prefer the Seasons Buffet at the Silverton), Osaka (my favorite sushi restaurant - I always have their lasagna sushi!), and Trader Vic's (my new favorite Strip destination). We went shopping at the District, and I found a new place to blow my money (Francesca's - they have the cutest clothes!).

On Saturday, the rain and wind held off long enough for us to hike in Red Rock. We took the trail up to Calico Tank. I've never actually been up this path, and I was shocked to see how large the tank was at the end. The girls wanted to see Ajax and Bo, so I brough them with me on the hike. They have never been hiking before, but they loved it and did really well. It was so cute to see them jumping over rocks. I had to pick them up only a few times, and they never tired out during the two and a half hours. It was quite cold out, and they had their jackets on - a bomber jacket for Ajax and a pea coat for Bo. They were adorable!
Ajax "walking the plank" while Bo looks on. She looks so prissy in her pea coat!
Ajax looking back on the trail at another dog. We passed at least 5 other dogs on this hike and probably 20 people.

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