Friday, July 27, 2007

Golf Scramble

My dad is a huge golfer. He became a teacher just so he could have his summer's off to golf. He brought me up trying to get me interested in golf, but I resisted. Golf was not cool, and neither was I when he sent me to golf camp one summer. I was even less cool when my ball ricocheted off a tree and broke a fellow campers finger. But fast forward a few years, and like all good kids, I eventually appreciated my dad's efforts and the pastime itself. In fact, golf came in handy during my dating years because I could hang out with the boys on the golf course.

I used to golf a lot, and I've been wanting to find some golfing buddies in Las Vegas. I was thrilled when I found a Las Vegas Scramble League had been started on Meetup. On Friday afternoon, we had our first scramble at Desert Willow golf course in Henderson. This course is fantastic - after 2pm, their greens fees are $20, and that includes a cart. It's a par 60 executive course, and very nicely maintained. Our tee time was at 4pm, and it was warm in the sun, but it cooled off quickly. It was quite windy, but the rain held off long enough for us to enjoy a relaxing day on the course. We played a scramble format, where we all hit from the best ball, so it was much more pleasant than having to chase balls across the course or wait on a slow person to hit from the opposite fairway.
I saw plenty of wildlife on the course, including birds, ducks, and rabbits. The groundskeeper told me there is also a resident bobcat, but I was happy that he did not come out to greet me.

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