Thursday, July 26, 2007

Weather and Car Update

The weather has been awful here this week. Every day it has tried to storm, though only a few drops would come each time. But the problem is that the storms have brought humidity, something I thought I left for good on the East coast. Though the highs have been in the 90s and low 100s, the humidity has been around 40%. Usually, our humidity is, oh, 1%. I want my dry heat back!

The good news is that the blower motor for my car came in. I got the repair manual from the library, and it looked simple enough: (1) remove glove box, (2) take out 7 screws to remove glove box panel, (3) take out 3 screws to remove blower motor, and (4) work steps 1 through 3 in reverse with new blower motor. Well, they left some details out, so I had to improvise along the way. I must have taken out 20 screws and remove 2 extra panels just to get to the screws. When I got to the blower motor, I didn't have a wrench small enough for the screws. So I went to my neighbor, who fortunately had the perfect part. The most frustrating part is that there was a bundle of wires below the opening that made getting the new part back in really difficult. I must have tried it different ways for 30 minutes, all the while using language that I hope didn't carry down the street. I went inside to take a break, and it went in the first time the next time I tried it. After three and a half hours, I managed to find all of the screws their homes, and I got my A/C working. Oh, and most of the time was spent upside with my head under the dashboard!


LBC said...

I LOVE that picture of you!

dan m said...

Hi Cheryl, it was nice to meet you the other night while we all cabana'd it up.

Good music, drinks, and blog-geeky fun.

Great pic there, by the way. I never knew automotive electrical repair could be so fascinating.