Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kraft Mountain Attempt

Mike and I attempted Kraft Mountain, which is right past Calico Hills in Red Rock. We didn't know the route, but we were told to head straight back towards the mountains. That's what we did, but about two-thirds of the way up we came to a vertical wall and had to give up on the summit.
The whole climb up I kept saying that I wouldn't come back down this way, but I had no choice, so the climb down was a little bit tricky.
So we decided to hike around Kraft Mountain instead. There is a great wash that goes behind the mountain. I plan on taking the dogs back there sometime because the scrambling is limited.
We didn't know where the trail was to get back to the cars, so we hiked over the west side of Kraft Mountain, which had rocks full of swirling colors.

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