Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ajax is the alpha

Ajax never plays with toys anymore, and Bo is never seen without a toy in her mouth. But, every so often, Ajax likes to aggravate Bo by grabbing one of her toys and prancing around with it. The other night he grabbed her turtle (which is the only toy in the house that still has any stuffing), and he ran under the bed and sat with it in his mouth. He didn't play with it, he just calmly sat still holding it for 20 minutes, driving her crazy.
The dogs have routine with their bones - I give them each a bone, they run around showing them off for a few minutes, and then the settle down to chew them. Bo quickly loses interest in her bone and wants Ajax's bone instead. So she will lay down right next to him and pout, waiting for a piece to come loose that she will then carry off to enjoy by herself.

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