Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama Rally

Tonight, Brian, Ron, and I headed downtown to Cashman Field to hear Barack Obama speak. Traffic was awful getting down there, which was exciting to see that many people congregating to support him. It was so exciting to be in such a diverse, energetic crowd.
He spoke for about 30 minutes and had some exciting things to say, though I'm much more interested in what he will have to say during the debates.
I found the message on this billboard particularly ironic considering the news of the day.
After the rally, we stayed downtown for dinner. We parked next to one of Las Vegas' famed drive-through wedding chapels.
We had dinner at Chicago Joe's, an Italian restaurant near Charleston Blvd. It's in a small house and has about 10 tables. The food wasn't anything special, but the place has really neat ambiance that is worth experiencing at least once. This is definitely one of those spots with more old time personality than you would never expect to find in Vegas.

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