Sunday, November 9, 2008

Athens, Part IV

Sunday began with me sleeping through my alarm and nearly missing the short course I came to teach. Lauren and I made it on time, and the course was a hit, though we only got through half of the material. I do enjoy teaching when there is no grading involved.

That afternoon, Brett and I walked up Filopappos Hill, which had the best view in the city.

With the Parthenon and Lykavittos Hill in the background

View looking west towards the Saronic Gulf

View of Athens looking northwest

The Acropolis

The Saronic Gulf

Pathway coming down from Filopappos Hill

That night Brett, Lauren, and I went to dinner with a client. Afterwards, we went dancing in Anafiotika.

On the way home, Lauren made friends with the sweetest dog in Athens.

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