Saturday, November 8, 2008

Athens, Part III

The RTI-HS group walked up the Acropolis, around the Agora, and into the business district on our first full day in Athens. November is the off-season in Athens, so the crowds were "light," but if there are this many tourists crowding the Acropolis in the off-season, I can't imagine visiting in the summer.

Arches at the base of the Acropolis

Herodes Atticus Theatre at the Acropolis

With the Erechtheion in the background

The Caryatids on the Erechtheion (one of my dreams in life was to see these in person)

Columns on the Erechtheion

In front of the Parthenon

Columns on the Stoa of Attalos in the Agora (I have a thing for columns)

After lunch, I met a client at the rooftop bar at the Hotel Grand Bretagne, which has a great view (here, the Olympic stadium)

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