Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pine Creek to Bridge Mtn, 0 for 3

Two years ago, Rick, Mike, and I tried to reach Bridge Mountain from Pine Creek. Twice. We never found the route, so we never made it out of the canyon. When I saw Branch Whitney post this hike on the Meetup website, I had to try it. I started out with eight strong guys, and this was just not my day to conquer this hike. My legs felt weak and I couldn't get enough air, so at the end of the canyon I decided to turn back. It was probably a good thing because my buddy Gene said it was one of the hardest hikes he's done. The silver lining is that Fern Canyon was filled with water and flowers (and ducks, so I hear), so I was able to take my time getting back to the car and take some pictures along the way.

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