Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weather Report

The high temperatures have been around 105. I don't notice the heat because I am inside all day. It is very pleasant when I get up at 6am, and in the evenings it is tolerable because the sun isn't oppressive.

I can absolutely bear the heat out here, except for the fact that the air conditioner in my car has been broken. It had been putting out inconsistent cold air, so I took it in to have the freon recharged. It worked great that night, but the next morning the A/C was dead. I found that the fuse had blown, so I replaced it and it worked for another week before the fuse blew again. I took it back to the repair shop, and they told me the blower motor needed replacing. I decided to repair it myself and am waiting for the part to arrive. Until then, I have no A/C, not even a fan for circulation. At 40 MPH or less, driving with the windows down is sufficient. But any faster than that, and 100+ degree heat being blown in at that speed feels like sticking my head in front of the huge track driers they use in NASCAR. Until the part arrives, I will keep my driving to a minimum.

Today I noticed something odd outside - drops of rain. I don't remember the last time it rained here. I think it was in February. It really didn't rain today; there were just a few drops on the pavement. The good thing is that this is a "cold" front coming in, and the highs this week will be as low as 92. I'm going to pull my sweaters out.

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